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My first encounter with refugees was when I traveled to Jordan in 2014.
As a university student at the time, I heard from refugee families that their homes had been bombed in their home country, that they had lost relatives, and that life was difficult in Jordan, where they had fled.

“How unreasonable the world is.”

Although it was not his choice, he fled his home country and has to live in another country as a refugee.
I grew up in a privileged environment compared to that. Meeting a refugee family gave me an opportunity to think about what I could do.

In the spring of 2021, I decided to move to Jordan, determined to dedicate my life to the refugee issue. MUUT was established in November with the sole desire to create job opportunities for refugees.

Refugees happen to be in the framework of ``refugees'' now, but they are human beings just like us. All they want is a ``normal life'' where they eat delicious food, gossip with friends and family, and sometimes go out dressed up, but that normality has been taken away from them.

I would like to continue to do what I can as a Japanese person so that refugees can lead normal lives and smile back to their daily lives, so that the term "refugee" is no longer necessary.