Unwind at your pace,
Embrace the warmth of handmade.

"MUUT" means "other person" in Finnish. We want you to take a moment to pause and enjoy MUUT's olive wood products amidst your busy daily life. We encourage you to reflect on your loved ones and cherish those precious connections. This is why we chose this name—to inspire moments of relaxation and meaningful contemplation.


"A world without the word refugee"

We provide work opportunities to refugees who have fled their home countries due to conflict or persecution so that they can live a "normal life" in the countries they have fled to.

We aim for the day when all refugees will be able to live a normal life, such as eating a meal every day, having a home to go to, and going out with friends on the weekends, and will no longer be considered ``refugees.''

Through our work at MUUT, we provide "three things" to refugees.

MUUT 難民 家族

Stable life

Jordan is a country with an unemployment rate of around 20%. Additionally, refugees have difficulty finding work to support themselves.
We provide a stable income through our woodworking business.

MUUT 工房 職人


Refugees have experienced traumatic experiences of persecution and war in their home countries. Also, a good life is not necessarily guaranteed in the destination you flee to.

I hope that by creating high-quality products using my hands in the workshop, they will regain their confidence and take a step toward a brighter future.

MUUT オリーブ工房 職人

Skills for future

Refugees do not have a specific country of residence, and many do not know when or where they will go. We aim to acquire high-level skills through work so that we can carve out a future for ourselves wherever we go.

Because refugees have experienced many hardships in their lives, many of them have perseverance and are unfazed by small problems.

By working at MUUT, they will gain financial strength and skills, regain confidence, and be able to live positively . We also aim to play a role as members of society in a country other than our own.

We will keep running until the day the word "refugee" disappears .