Unwind at your pace,
Embrace the warmth of handmade.

Even in the busy days, I want you to have moments that make you smile. Add warmth to your daily life, which can feel inorganic, with handmade olive miscellaneous goods.



unique wood grain

Olives grown in arid regions grow in a undulating manner over time, making them sturdy enough to last for decades and having unique patterns.

MUUT オリーブ工房 職人

handmade one-of-a-kind items

All processes are carefully handmade in our own workshop, resulting in a warm and unique finish.


"Symbol of peace" olive

Olives, which are native to the Mediterranean, are a symbol of peace and are even used on the United Nations flag. It is also cherished locally as a sacred tree that brings fruit and oil.


MUUT オリーブ工房 職人

It is carefully crafted in our own workshop in Amman, the capital of Jordan, by Jordanian and Syrian craftsmen, taking advantage of their respective strengths.

All processes, from purchasing old olive trees and logs to completing the product, are carried out in the workshop.

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our dreams

MUUT オリーブ工房 職人

Through our work, we aim to help refugees acquire skills, gain confidence, and become independent.

Our dream is to be an opportunity to once again open up a future that was once closed off due to hardships in one's home country or the country to which one has fled.

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