オリーブ 木

buy a log

We purchase old trees that no longer bear fruit or logs that have been pruned from the northern region, where many olive farmers are located.

MUUT オリーブ工房 職人

slice cut

Cut the log into flat slices.

MUUT オリーブ工房 職人


To prevent the wood from deforming, dry it over several days to reduce the moisture content as much as possible.

MUUT オリーブ工房 職人

Cut into product shape

We cut the dried wood into shapes that match the product.

MUUT オリーブ工房 職人


Use a file to make small shapes such as curves and make the surface smooth.

MUUT オリーブ工房 職人


Coated with oil and beeswax to reduce contact with air and prevent deformation and discoloration.

オリーブウッド 商品